Notice of termination of Xiaomi Cloud sync for Gallery items and transfer to Google Photos

25 October 2022

Dear Xiaomi Cloud users,

From 25 October 2022 onwards, Gallery items will no longer be able to be synced to Xiaomi Cloud. Please rest assured that you will continue to have access to your stored photos and videos, as we are partnering with Google Photos to support the transfer and backup of your data with your consent. In addition, if you currently have an active Xiaomi Cloud membership, your payment will be automatically cancelled, and the entire last paid subscription amount will be refunded.

To ensure that you can continue to safely store and access your photos and videos, we'll offer the option for you to conveniently transfer your existing Gallery items stored in Xiaomi Cloud to Google Photos. If you don't want to transfer your items to Google Photos, we'll also provide the option to download your data directly to your Xiaomi device.

You can continue to enjoy other features of Xiaomi Cloud, including syncing and backing up data from Contacts, Messaging, and Notes.

Terminated features

Syncing of Gallery items to Xiaomi Cloud and Xiaomi Cloud membership services will be terminated.

Service termination timeline and migration process (by region)

Countries and regions will be divided into three groups, each subject to a different timeline for service termination. Which group you belong to depends on the region in which your Xiaomi Account is registered.

Group 1:

Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, India

Group 2:

Brazil, Türkiye, Mexico, Colombia, Egypt, Peru

Group 3:

Other countries and regions

*These services will not be terminated on the Chinese mainland at this time.

Service termination timeline Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
  • The option to sync Gallery items to Xiaomi Cloud will become unavailable.
  • Xiaomi Cloud memberships will no longer be available for purchase. Existing memberships will be cancelled and the most recent membership fee amount will be refunded.
  • The option to transfer items to Google Photos or download your data will become available in the Gallery app.
Before 1 December 2022 Before 1 January 2023 Before 1 February 2023
  • The window to transfer items to Google Photos will close, and the option to download your data will be taken offline.
  • Existing Gallery data saved on Xiaomi Cloud will be deleted.
31 May 2023 30 June 2023 31 July 2023

*This schedule may vary. Prior notice of any changes will be given.

*Please note that transfer to Google Photos isn't available in some countries and regions, for customers of some service providers, and for some device models. In these cases, users will still be able to download their data to their device.

Phase 1: 25 October 2022 - 31 July 2023

From 25 October 2022 onwards, Gallery items will no longer be able to be synced to Xiaomi Cloud. For the exact time that these changes will come into effect for your country or region, refer to the Service termination timeline above. After this time, existing memberships will be cancelled, and the most recent membership fee amount will be refunded.

You can choose to transfer your Gallery items stored on Xiaomi Cloud to Google Photos, or download this data to your Xiaomi device. Once you have transferred or downloaded your Gallery data, you'll no longer be able to sync Gallery items to Xiaomi Cloud.

Your last membership fee amount will be fully refunded by 31 July 2023, or after you finish transferring or downloading your data. You can check the status of your refund at

Phase 2: 1 August 2023

In the second phase of this process, cloud sync for Gallery items will be fully terminated. You'll no longer be able to transfer your Gallery items to Google Photos nor download them to your device. All Gallery data will be permanently deleted from Xiaomi Cloud. We may, however, retain information if necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, or enforce our agreements.

*Complete removal of data from Xiaomi Cloud servers may be subject to technical delays.

Exporting Gallery data from Xiaomi Cloud

We will provide two options for you to export your Gallery data from Xiaomi Cloud.

1. Transfer Gallery items from Xiaomi Cloud to Google Photos

You can securely transfer your Gallery data stored in Xiaomi Cloud to Google Photos, and you can integrate Gallery with Google Photos to back up your photos and videos directly to Google Photos. Once you transfer your data to Google Photos, you'll be bound by Google's terms and conditions, including but not limited to those regarding payment and data protection. Xiaomi will no longer be responsible for your data once you've transferred it to Google Photos. This data transfer will be supported only until the end date of the timeline. Google Photos offers 15 GB of storage, which is shared across Google Photos, Gmail, and Google Drive. Users who need more cloud storage space can take advantage of introductory membership trials to Google One.

How to transfer data to Google Photos

You'll receive a notice in the Gallery and Xiaomi Cloud apps regarding the termination of these services. You can then opt in to begin the data transfer process.

You can also begin the data transfer process manually in each app:

Gallery app: Start page prompt > Move to Google Photos

Xiaomi Cloud app: More > Transfer data

Once you've started the transfer process, follow these instructions:

1. Tap "Move to Google Photos" or "Transfer data".

2. Select the Google Account to which you want to transfer your data.

3. Read the Google Privacy Policy and Google One Terms of Service, then agree to the terms and conditions.

4. If the provided storage space is sufficient to transfer all your items, the transfer will start automatically. If it isn't sufficient, you'll have the option to accept an introductory Google One membership trial or upgrade your cloud storage space.

5. Go back to the app and check the transfer status.

*Please note that the transferred photos and videos will no longer retain the album structure of your original Gallery albums (including private albums) in Google Photos. You can reorganise them to suit your needs.

*Google One memberships may not be supported depending on country/region, and introductory trials are subject to eligibility requirements and user data transfer needs (see membership offer terms for the 100 GB 3-month offer here). Note: Xiaomi Cloud users with higher storage needs may receive 1-month Google One offers with higher storage amounts.

2. Download Xiaomi Cloud data to your personal device

You can also download your Gallery data stored in Xiaomi Cloud to your personal device. Download of this data will be available only until the end date of the timeline, after which this feature will no longer be supported.

How to download Xiaomi Cloud data

Visit in your browser, then go to the download page in one of the following ways:

1. Gallery Start page icon

2. Gallery Start page notice > Download Gallery items

3. Profile photo drop-down menu > Download Gallery items

Once on the download page, follow these instructions:

1. Start the download. Read the relevant introduction carefully before doing so.

2. The Xiaomi Cloud server will then start processing your download request and process the data for you. You can navigate away from this page during the processing period.

3. Once processing is complete, you can download the data to your personal device. Use the password displayed on the page to unzip the provided file.

*The validity period of the download is 30 days. Once you start the process, please complete the download within the validity period. It will not be available after the expiration date.

FAQs on service termination

1. Which Gallery features will be affected after the termination of sync services?

All features related to cloud services will no longer be supported, including but not limited to the following features:

2. What conditions need to be met to be able to transfer data to Google Photos?

*Devices using versions earlier than Android 10 may not be able to update the Gallery app. In this case, you may still download your data.

3. What if some data can't be transferred?

If a transfer error occurs, you can try to transfer again manually. We recommend that you wait 24 hours before trying again. If the transfer is still unsuccessful, you can download your data to your device on

4. Can I switch Google Accounts during the transfer?

To switch the Google Account to which you're transferring items, you must first stop the current transfer, switch to the correct Google Account, and then start a new transfer process. Please note that you can only change the Google Account three times during the transfer process.

5. How does the membership fee refund work?

You don't need to take any action to get your refund. Xiaomi will fully refund your last paid membership fee to your payment account. You can check your refund status in your profile on

6. Can I still download my data after it has been transferred to Google Photos?

Yes. After you've transferred your data to Google Photos, you can view and download this data directly from Google Photos.

7. When backing up items to Google Photos, can I still sync my items to multiple devices?

Yes. With Google Photos, you can back up your photos and videos and sync them across all of your devices.

For further questions, please contact us at